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Get an extra year added to your warranty for Wolf, Sub Zero and Cove products!

Kitchen with appliances installed by professional

If you purchased a Wolf, Sub Zero or Cove product from a qualified retailer and have Certified Installs complete your installation, you may be qualified to receive an additional year on your product warranty. Here’s how it works: When we receive an order from your retail store, we will enter the order into our system.  […]

What is a High Loop?

Your dishwasher drain should have a “high loop”.

If you don’t know what that means, read this article.

A word about corroded valves

dishwasher corroded valves

Frequently, we find that the valve needed to turn off your water is corroded and no longer works. The water cannot be turned off with that valve. We then have to go on a search for your home’s main water shut off valve…

Is it dangerous to cook indoors?

A man cooks in a frying pan, puts it on the stove.

The California Air Resource Board published an article and related video about how cooking indoors can create harmful pollutants in your home. Adequate venting in your kitchen can help!…