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Did you know that your oven’s self-cleaning function can cause damage?

As professional appliance installers, we’ve seen plenty of situations where ovens go out right before the a family event.  That can put your plans at risk and be very frustrating.  

Ovens with high-heat cleaning functions can make it easier for you to clean your oven.  The cleaning cycle uses extreme heat (sometimes up to 875 degrees).  The oven chars any food remains in your oven making it easier to clear away.  

While it does make cleaning easier, repeatedly subjecting your oven to such extreme heat can prematurely wear out some of its internal components such as electrical connectors and circuit boards.  This can cause your oven to stop working prematurely.  

We recommend that you do not use your high-heat self-cleaning function.  Rather, we recommend using steam to clean your oven. Some ovens have steam cleaning functions built-in that use water and lower heat to clean the oven.  

If that is not avialable, you can add a half-cup to a cup of water to an oven-safe pan and heat the oven to 325 degrees.  Continue to heat the oven until the water is evaporated.  Once evaporated, begin cleaning your oven.