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Why do I need to replace my water and drain lines when I get a new dishwasher?

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It seems a little unfair!  You just purchased a brand new dishwasher and your salesperson is telling you that you need to replace your waterline, drain line  and connection elbow. 

There are important reasons to replace these items when you replace your dishwasher.  

Before you give your salesperson a hard time, remember that a small leak, especially undetected can cause a lot of damage over time.  While the outside of the waterline may look just fine, the gaskets both in the ninety degree elbow and the waterline are the first points of failure.  

These gaskets can grow harder or more brittle over time and prevent a water-tight connection after they are disconnected from your original dishwasher. 

Furthermore, when they are originally connected, they form a groove on the surface of the gasket that remains even after it is disconnected.  The second appliance connected to the old fitting will have a much harder time forming a tight seal. 

Normally, you will purchase an installation kit from the retail store where you purchase your appliance.  If you forget to purchase one, your Certified installer carries extras on his truck.   This will result in an additional charge.

The same applies to drain lines.  Normally, the dishwasher will come with a new drain line from the manufacturer, but if you require a drain-line extension due to a larger-than-normal distance between your dishwasher and your sink, you should replace the drain line as well.  Food and water deposits can cause the inside of your drain line to become coated and constricted.  Replacing the drain line when you replace your dishwasher allows you to start with a clean slate.  

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