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Certified Technicians are a little “Different”

Why do Certified Technicians get better reviews on average than other installation companies.  The answer is simple:  They are better! 

Why are Certified Techs better?  Here are a few reasons:

  1.  We hire better.  Certified is always hiring.  We constantly scour websites and other sources for good employees.  We search for intelligent, capable people that show a history of stability. All technicians must pass a background check and drug test and have a good driving record before they begin working.

  2. We train better.   New employees are put through an evaluation period before they begin training.  They are then assigned to a professional trainer where they learn all aspects of installation, customer communication, and record keeping.  Trainees must pass a live evaluation before they are able to visit customers without a trainer.

  3. We watch carefully.  We monitor technicians carefully.   We constantly measure efficiency, reliability, customer comments, ratings, vehicle safety, etc., and communicate that information to the technician.  Any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally.

  4. We look better. Technicians are required to wear uniforms and drive professionally labeled vehicles.
Great teams to not happen by accident.  Certified technicians are the heart of our business and so we take great care to make sure they are the best.