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Is it dangerous to cook indoors?

Regardless of your cooking method (whether you cook with gas, electricity or even wood) any type of indoor cooking can create air pollution.  

Gas ranges can emit carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other pollutants.  Heating cooking oil, fat and other ingredients at high temperatures can create high levels of pollutants. 

These byproducts of the cooking process can result in health problems such as nose and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue and nausea and can be particularly problematic for those with breathing conditions such as asthma or lung disease. 

“The best way to ventilate your kitchen is to use a properly-installed, high efficiency range hood over your stove. A high efficiency range hood has a high cubic feet per minute (cfm) rating and a low sones (noise) rating”.

Certified technicians can install a high efficiency hood and venting system which forces many of these polutants outside your home. 

Work with your retailer to select your hood and then call Certified!