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Ice Maker Installation

Built-In Ice Maker

There are two basic types of built-in ice maker:  gravity and pump. 

Gravity ice makers, true to their name, use gravity to drain the water from the unit.  The drain line must be installed under the unit to allow gravity to pull the water into the drain line.  

A pump ice maker is more common and allows for greater flexibility.  A sensor within the unit will detect water and initiate a pump which will remove the water and drain it into your home’s drainage system.  

Arguably, a downside to the pump ice maker is that it has more parts such as the pump and sensor which could break.  

Installation of these units will normally require one technician and will take between one and two hours depending on the type of unit you buy. 

Waterlines for ice makers are usually connected through a valve under your sink so if your ice maker is located far from your sink or on an island away from your sink, the installation will be more complicated and could require modifications and additional charges.  

ice maker installation by professional

Follow the Factory Recommended Cleaning Instructions

As wonderful as built-in ice makers are, be sure to review and strictly follow the cleaning instructions found in your homeowner’s manual.  This will help to minimize the chance of costly leaks in your kitchen and prevent mold or hard water buildup on your unit which can prevent normal operation.